At REFTRANSFLOT, our business is people-oriented.

With operations in multiple locations around the globe, we provide high-quality shipping, logistics and marine services.

Our more than 10 years in the industry, coupled with our people-oriented operational principles guarantee that we always offer high-quality service to our numerous clients.
REFTRANSFLOT Shipping Services
REFTRANSFLOT is a leading shipping company offering global shipping, port and hub agency services.
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REFTRANSFLOT Logistics Services
REFTRANSFLOT Logistics, our freight forwarding and distribution arm, specialises in a comprehensive range of supply chain and logistics solutions.
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REFTRANSFLOT Marine Services
REFTRANSFLOT Marine supports various phases of offshore exploration, development and production, including anchor handling of lay barges and mobile drilling rigs.
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REFTRANSFLOT is a leading provider of shipping, logistics, marine and related services.
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